The Review of Jackpot Raiders

Join Yggdrasil on a ship trip across beautiful landscapes as a Jackpot Raider.

Our Jackpot Raiders slot review will brief you on the game’s features and potential payouts as you crack open chests in search of valuables like maps and diamonds.

It would be an understatement to say that this game is packed with features, but we’ll do our best to walk you through them all.

The Jackpot Raiders slot machine has a

The Jackpot Raiders slot machine has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and the reels and background are a colorful seafaring theme. Hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades appear alongside backpacks, a cap, Captain Bear, and Sam the Explorer, as well as the more conventional suit symbols.

The latter pays out 200 times the wager for a combination of 5, making it the most lucrative symbol in the game.

Jackpot Raiders does not have a wild symbol, but it does have a scatter that can trigger either the Pick & Click bonus round or free games when three are landed.

You can choose from one of five treasure chests and win one of the following if you get two scatter symbols and activate the Pick & Click function.

1–2–4 times the initial investment

Free Play for a Chance at the Jackpot (10)

Bonus Quest for Hidden Treasure Access

You will receive 1 Map from our extensive library.

The following (from left to right) are the minimum amounts of the five progressive jackpots that can be won on the Jackpot Raiders slot machine:

Misplaced Fortune: £40

Exceptional Prize: £200

The Unrealistic £600 Jackpot

Prehistoric Prize Pool: £1,000

Historic Prize of £15k

Below, we will go over how to win each of these jackpots by collecting the appropriate jewels during the free spins feature of the Jackpot Raiders slot machine.

Jackpot Raider’s Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

While playing Jackpot Raiders, if you get 3 or more scatter symbols, the Compass feature will activate, giving you 10 Jackpot Free Spins and an additional bonus if you get more than 3 scatters:

If a player gets 3 scatter symbols, they will unlock the free spins bonus and receive the compass.

Players who get four scatters win 50 times their bet and a compass.

When 5 scatters appear, the player is awarded the compass and 500 times their wager.

You’ll start amassing jewels for each jackpot as the free spins progress.

If you find 5 gems of the same color, you win the jackpot associated with that color! In addition, the Jackpot Free Spins include a 3x multiplier on all wins.

Bonus game for the Jackpot Raiders slot machine: Treasure Hunt

If you get just 2 scatters during the base game, you’ll trigger the Pick & Click feature and still have a shot at the Jackpot Free Spins if you choose the right treasure chest. You might also get one of the alternatives below.

1–2–4 times the initial investment

Benefit of Participation in Treasure Hunt

One Map from the Collection, at Random

In Jackpot Raider slot, there are five distinct maps to gather, each of which correlates to a different reel: the Summit Shrine Map, the Jungle Ruins Map, the Highland Gate Map, the Desert Tomb Map, and the Templar Grave Map.

To complete a collection, players must land 5 matching Maps, at which point they will receive 10 Jackpot free spins, beginning with a gem for the corresponding jackpot collection on the corresponding reel.

Players can pick between Sam and Bear personas in the Treasure Hunt Bonus round.

If Sam unlocks a treasure chest, the prizes will be higher, but she has a higher failure probability. Bear, on the other hand, offers less valuable prizes but more frequently.

Then, they’ll have to decide on a path, with each offering a varying degree of danger (and, of course, reward): safe, risky, or very risky. In actuality, any of the following may be hidden inside the chests:

a coin prize worth 50 – 1800 dollars

direction-finding software for the Free Spins Library

a piece of history for the Free Slots Sunken City

We think it’s cool that players can adjust the bonus feature’s volatility to some extent using these settings.

After picking a persona, you’ll have three tries to reach the other side of the river and unlock a chest.

When you unlock a chest, you progress through three tiers, each with increasingly valuable rewards.

Moreover, the Sunken City Free spins, which include 10 free spins, are unlocked if you acquire 5 relics in the Treasure Hunt Bonus feature.

In this generous bonus round, not only will your wins be multiplied by a factor of 10x, but you’ll also begin the bonus round with one gem toward each of the five jackpots.

Slot machine jackpot raiders bonus

This has had to be the most fully featured game we’ve tested in a long time. Don’t let the complexity of the sentence fool you; it’s much simpler than it seems.

If you want to try out the Jackpot Raiders slot machine with extra funds, you can do so at any of the top online casinos that carry games from Yggdrasil by claiming a deposit match bonus.

You can get a bonus equal to a certain percentage of your initial deposit at any of the above-mentioned sites.

All about the minimum and maximum bets, return to player percentage, and jackpots on the Jackpot Raiders slot machine

The Jackpot Raiders slot machine may now be played at a UK-based online casino, with wagers ranging from 20 pence to forty pounds.

The slot machine has a high RTP of 96.3% and a medium-high level of volatility. This exciting game offers a maximum payout of 4,100 times your initial wager if you manage to win the Legendary Jackpot during your free spins.

Images and music from the Jackpot Raiders slot machine

Jackpot Raiders slot machine has a fantastical concept and beautiful graphics evocative of Narnia and Lord of the Rings.

When you activate one of the game’s features, you’ll be taken to a new area, and the music will change to match the scene. This will keep you on the lookout for the next thrilling challenge!

Slot Review: Jackpot Raiders

Not everyone will enjoy Jackpot Raiders; if you’re looking for a simple slot machine, we recommend looking elsewhere.

We applaud Yggdrasil for creating such a challenging game; we think it will be enjoyed by many gamers who relish a challenge.

The visuals are spectacular, and the hit frequency and winning potential are excellent.

If you enjoy the sound of this game, you can play it for free or for real money at any of the online casinos we recommend here on this website.






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